My main focus is on building intuitive interactions that enhance web and mobile experiences. I value collaborative learning, transparency and commitment to the process.

Companies I've worked with


PayMe is a social payments app based in Hong Kong with over 2 million active users. In February 2019 we launched PayMe for Business, a person-to-merchant payments platform. This enables small businesses to collect payments instantly on their mobile – anywhere, anytime. Since then PayMe has extended it’s reach beyond small businesses and is now an available payment option in many larger chain stores.

At PayMe I work across  our four key products, PayMe Consumer app, PayMe for Business app, Business portal and PayMe API. The vast majority of my projects have been focused on increasing engagement for our consumer base.

I'm unable to share a lot of my work due to NDA but you can download a case study of one of my projects below:
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I worked on a range of key strategic projects as well as quick test-and-learn conversion optimisations across all touch points of the customer experience.
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Design process

Want to take a peek under the hood of my design process? Let me show you the tasks that make up my workflow.
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Others projects

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ASEP Healthcare
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