About me

I’m a Product Designer from London; currently designing Hong Kong’s favourite digital wallet PayMe by HSBC.

I help companies create relevant and rewarding multi-platform experiences that assist users to fulfil their goals easily and enjoyably.

I love UX because for me, it strikes the perfect balance between creativity, business and psychology. My goal is to create great experiences and real connections through teamwork and relentless making.

Let's connect

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What I do...

User Experience & Interface Design

Whether it be a new concept or redefining an existing workflow, I create and present visual ideas to improve UX and enhance business objectives.

Research Backed Design Strategy

Through market research, analytics and user testing I transform behavioural insights into actionable tasks to grow your business.

Guidance & Training

I provide recommendations and mentorship to assist with recruiting and design team building.

How I do it...

In order to create great products that bridge users needs and business goals, I look to bring the startup style of working to stakeholders and internal teams. User centred design is a passion of mine and I enjoy mentoring and giving workshops to share methods and educate others on ways of generating solutions.

My Process
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